Thursday, October 28, 1999

Diary towards Timothy Huth

Huth, G. [Diary towards Timothy Huth]. Schenectady, New York: 7 Aug 1989-28 Oct 1989.

An artist's sketchbook, 80 pages (5½" X 8½" in size), transformed into a strange diary-cum-artist's-book. As the diary moves in time towards the birth of Timothy, I altered the pages more and more: adding drawings, cutting out holes, piercing the pages, etc. Soon after his birth, this book devolved into a totally boring recounting of my day's activities, and all the interesting visual constructions disappeared.

A few quotations from the book, found by my daughter, Erin Huth:

Nancy--to continue the theme--had no baby today. (From 15 August 1989, seventeen days before he actually was born.)

I rushed home, but Nancy was still pregnant with remorse (okay, child), and not even in labor. (From 17 August 1989, with fifteen days to go.)

Geof Huth, "Diary towards Timothy Huth" (1 Sep 1989)