Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A Fidgetbook

Huth, G[eof]. A Fidgetbook: The Fourth Book of Cells: an other ran dom collection of fidgetglyphs. Completed 31 Dec 2003.


This seems to me the most beautiful book of fidgetglyphs so far. A Fidgetbook has tall white pages that somehow capture all of its 90 fidgetglyphs beautifully.

Physical Description

A 8 X 5½ X ½ inch book witha cover of greige linen riveted to a spine covering of pliable brown suede, 196 pages of white paper with 216 pages (including the flypages). Most text written recto only. Places and dates of composition, titles and glyph numbers appear verso. Inside flypages signed "g.huth," and inside front covers decorated with gammadia (a V, an upside-down V, an X, a diamond). Includes a bastard title page, title page, preface, and afterword.

A Fidgetbook, Title Page (2003)


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