Friday, February 22, 2002

The Book of Cells: a random collection of fidgetglyphs

Huth, G[eof]. The Book of Cells: a random collection of fidgetglyphs. Completed 22 Feb 2002.


My first booklet of fidgetglyphs , The Book of Cells consists of small and almost square pages that are perfect for most fidgetglyphs. The book includes 80 fidgetglyphs and one fliptext (the latter entitled) "I/neverwhere."

The Book of Cells, Title Page (2002)

Physical Description

A 4½ X 4¼ X 1 inch book, covered in black cloth decorated with colorful flowers and Asian-looking versions of demons, flecked beige paper with 176 pages (including the loose flypages). Most text written recto only, except for a small fliptext that grows from the back to the front of the book. Places and dates of composition and glyph numbers appear verso. Inside covers signed "g.huth," and flypages decorated with vowels in a quincunx pattern. Includes a bastard title page, title page, preface, and afterword. Signed on the last sheet "6307 8228."

The Book of Cells, Cover (2002)