Sunday, July 04, 2004

mouseskein # 1

Huth, Geof. mouseskein # 1. Covering from 21 Oct 2003 through 4 July 2004. A black Moleskine notebook, meant to be carried in one's pocket, and which is 80 pages in length. An elastic band attached to the back cover allows me to hold the booklet closed, and the booklet includes a pocket for storing ephemera.

I had intended to use this notebook to write down ideas for poems, both visual and textual but especially visual, but instead I used it to write notes at readings I attended and, later, to write brief diary entries while I was away from home. Most of the book consists of diary entries.

Readings documented:
Jonathan Lethem, 21 Oct 2003
Garrick Utley, 28 Oct 2003
William Kennedy, 29 Oct 2003 (transfer of his papers to University at Albany)
Charles Simic, 13 Nov 2003
Yeardley Smith, 31 Mar 2004 (one-woman show, "More")
Richard Dreyfuss and Harold Holzer, 3 May 2004
Gerald McFarland, 6 Jun 2004

Ephemera stored:
Sheet of EKG paper from a hospital visit on 5 Feb 2004
Ticket for the Yeardley Smith show on 31 Mar 2004
Sheet with notes on the Gerald McFarland talk on 6 Jun 2004
Sample ticket from a queuing system seen at the NYS Association of County Clerks, 14 Jun 2004
Six four-leaf clovers from Warren Broderick, June 2004

[This is the first entry posted to this weblog, which documents the unique books created by Geof Huth. A few entries might precede this one, to fit them into the proper chronological sequence, so far as is possible.]