Thursday, May 01, 2003


Huth, G[eof]. Hierofidgetglyphs: The Third Book of Cells: an other ran dom collection of fydgetgliphs. Completed 1 May 2003.


A huge booklet of fidgetglyphs compared to the first two, Hierofidgetglyphs 200 fidgetglyphs, more than in both previous books combined

Physical Description

A 6¼ X 4½ X 1½ inch light-brown leather book with an attached ribbon as bookmark, off-white paper with 216 pages (excluding the flypages). Most text written recto only. Places and dates of composition, titles and glyph numbers appear verso. Inside flypages signed "g.huth," and inside front covers decorated with versions and names of the letter A in the front and versions and names of the letter Z in the back. Includes a bastard title page, title page, preface, and afterword, and a test page upon which I checked the inks I used in the rest of the book.

Hierofidgetglyphs, Title Page (2003)